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At Bridge Energy Solution, we provide high quality commercial solar panels in Melbourne. We are committed towards helping many enterprises switch to commercial solar power for their energy requirements. As a business owner, when you switch to commercial solar energy, you are effectively not only reducing your overhead charges when it comes to energy costs, but are also making a statement about switching from fossil fuel resources to renewable resources for energy. Thereby by going for a commercial solar installation, you are effectively making the claim that your business establishment is embracing eco friendly initiatives and is going in the right path towards reducing their emissions and overall carbon footprint. Switching to commercial solar power will not only have a whole host of benefits for your industry, but will also significantly affect the image of your enterprise in the eyes of other businesses and the government.


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Commercial Solar Installation

Installing commercial solar power has a whole range of benefits for any business. Australia is among the few countries in the world that have started using commercial solar energy as one of the major sources of electricity for office spaces.

Here are a few advantages of how commercial solar energy can benefit your business.

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Electricity Overheads

The electricity overheads are actually one of the highest expenses of any existing business. This is because a commercial building has a significantly higher unit rate of energy consumption than a residential complex. This leads to energy bills that are exponentially higher than that of a residential structure. The switch to commercial solar installations will significantly reduce these charges and can result in a high amount of savings for the business.

Strong ROI

The Australian Government is particularly fond of companies that switch to commercial solar power. This means when you go for commercial solar panels in Melbourne, you are effectively setting yourself up for a strong return on your investment. While the initial cost of commercial solar installation is slightly expensive, the returns strongly outweigh the initial investments. The government itself provides a large number of tax breaks and has formulated a number of specialised incentives for businesses that switch to commercial solar energy. The return on this initial investment, along with the multitude of added benefits, means that the set up cost for commercial solar panels in Melbourne is almost negated.

Eco Friendly

Setting up commercial solar panels in Melbourne, means that you are going for a form of energy that has zero emissions. This means that with a complete lack of greenhouse gas emissions, your contribution to the pollution in the city, is absolutely zero. By embracing commercial solar power, you are not only reducing your carbon footprint, but are also increasing the goodwill for your brand in the market as you are effectively a brand that has embraced green and renewable energy resources. This is why even large companies and manufacturing units are embracing commercial solar installations.




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Bridge Energy Solution provided a very clean and professional service while installing the solar system at my place. Very friendly and open for discussions to get you the best possible solar system. Would highly recommend Crystal Solar Energy to my contacts.


David Parker

Professional and personalised service. Great advise on panels and other material to be installed. Always available for questions and queries i had. Good communication. Definitely recommend service to my friends and family moving forward. Thanks

David Parker

Jenny Brown

Happy with Bridge Energy Solution provided a very clean and professional service, Right time installing processes for solar system at my place clyde north (vic).sales person Very friendly and open for discussions to get you the best possible solar system with best price. i am using this system from last few month and system works as they mentioned, Would highly recommend Crystal Solar Energy to anyone.👍👍👍🙏

Jenny Brown


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