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Home heating and cooling upgrades program

Did you know the Victoria rebate program for heating and cooling allows households to get up to $1,000 rebate when they install a new energy-efficient, reverse-cycle air conditioner in their homes? This is a government-sponsored program that allows homeowners to replace their old heating systems with the latest and most advanced systems.

All you need to do is submit an application and get a rebate token. Once your application is approved, you can contact an air conditioning rebate service provider and get the assessment done.


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Advantages of the home heating and cooling upgrades program

Whether you are planning to upgrade your old, inefficient air conditioning system or need to install one in your new home, we at Bridge Energy Solution can help. If your home has an inefficient or ineffective air conditioning system, it can cost you a lot in the future.

When you choose to install a new system, you can keep your home comfortable and save your time and money in the long run.

With the help of this unique upgrade program, you will be able to go for a home upgrade and receive a rebate of $1000. It will cover your cost of purchasing and installation.

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Being reliable and authorized suppliers for home heating and cooling upgrade programs, we strive to deliver timely solutions and services to our clients regardless of the job size and scope. We offer air condition installation services across Melbourne to help clients upgrade their existing systems and opt for more advanced and energy-saving systems.

Want to get rid of your inefficient heaters and AC units? Why not go for an air conditioning rebate? Apply for the upgrade and make your home more energy-efficient.

Are you looking for an air conditioning upgrade?

If you need energy-efficient heating and cooling systems for your home, Bridge Energy Solution is here to help. From property owners to renters, our services are available for all. You can easily upgrade your air conditioning system and get optimum heating and cooling for your property. You will also get a rebate of $1000 which will cover the cost of purchase and installations.

We are the leading air conditioning installation specialists; we utilise a customer-centric approach to provide our clients with tailored services to fulfil the heating and cooling needs of their homes.

The air conditioning upgrade program allows you to replace your old heating and cooling systems and get professional installation services. You can make the most of this scheme and ensure all your systems and units are installed properly.

Major benefits of the air conditioning upgrade program

· Replace your old inefficient air conditioning systems

· Get assured rebate of $1000

· Better environmental outcomes

· Support of experienced and skilled installers

Don’t wait! Check out your eligibility for the rebate and submit your application. Bridge Energy Solution can help you with the installation of the new reverse-cycle air conditioners.


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