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Solar Panel Inverters In Melbourne

At Bridge Energy Solution, we provide high quality solar inverters that enable you to make the most out of the solar energy generated by your quality solar panels. We have tied up with multiple brands in the market to provide high quality solar panel inverters. So, if you need a solar power inverter that lasts you for decades and gets the job done, then reach out to Bridge Energy Solution today.

What Is A Solar Panel Inverter?

In any solar panel system, an inverter plays a highly crucial role. The primary purpose of an inverter is to alter DC power to AC power, which is generated from the array of solar panels. This enables you to monitor the system so the system operators can effortlessly observe the entire system’s condition.

Installing a solar panel for your home is a consideration that needs to be backed up with the type of solar panel inverter you want to install. This means after the solar panels themselves, inverters are the most important and crucial piece of equipment in a solar panel system.


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Types Of Solar Panel Inverters

Micro Inverters

Micro inverters are ideal for both commercial and residential purposes. These solar inverters are module level electronics thanks to the requirement of one inverter needing to be mounted on every single panel. Micro inverters monitor the function of every single panel and allows you to optimise every solar panel independent of the other. If you have a complete shade situation, then you can transmit lesser energy. However, if you have an incomplete shade situation, then the amount of energy that is transmitted by micro inverters is significantly higher.

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String Inverters

String inverters are solar power inverters that are arranged in the form of a string with many of the strings being allied to a single string inverter. Each string holds a DC power, where it is altered into AC power like normal electricity. These solar inverters are ideal for installations where the panels are arranged on a single plane to avoid facing different directions. String inverters can be used easily with power optimizers and can be sold as a single solution called a smart module to make installation a much simpler process.

Central Inverters

These are among the most commonly used solar panel inverters in the market. They are loosely related to string inverters, but the primary difference is that they are much larger and are capable of supporting multiple strings of solar panels. While the string inverter runs strings openly, a central inverter has all the strings combined in a device known as a general combiner box that makes the DC power run towards the middle inverter where it is transferred into AC power. Central inverters have an array of connections of components that requires a pad as well as a combiner box. They are perfectly suited for large installations that require heavy production usage.

A central inverter is possibly one of the most powerful solar power inverters that you can find in the market. Their range is so high that they can easily handle up to 500 kilowatts of energy, for a given area. This is why they are primarily used for massive commercial installations and solar farms.


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Bridge Energy Solution provided a very clean and professional service while installing the solar system at my place. Very friendly and open for discussions to get you the best possible solar system. Would highly recommend Crystal Solar Energy to my contacts.


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Professional and personalised service. Great advise on panels and other material to be installed. Always available for questions and queries i had. Good communication. Definitely recommend service to my friends and family moving forward. Thanks

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Happy with Bridge Energy Solution provided a very clean and professional service, Right time installing processes for solar system at my place clyde north (vic).sales person Very friendly and open for discussions to get you the best possible solar system with best price. i am using this system from last few month and system works as they mentioned, Would highly recommend Crystal Solar Energy to anyone.👍👍👍🙏

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