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Solar Panel Battery Storage System Melbourne

At Bridge Energy Solution, we provide solar battery storage units and solar battery systems that are capable of storing large amounts of energy that are generated from your solar panel systems. We provide solar panel battery storage that can not only store an incredible amount of solar energy, but can also help save you a significant amount of money and ensure your home’s energy security. Bridge Energy Solution is affiliated with a number of energy brands that are focused on providing clean energy sources like solar panel batteries to individuals who want to switch to renewable sources of energy.


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What Is A Solar Power Battery?

Solar panels have increasingly become more popular, both in residential and commercial establishments. Despite solar energy being a highly lucrative renewable resource of energy, there are certain periods where reliance on solar energy can end up being a bane for the user. For example, when there are cloudy days where the sky is overcast, then the panel output of your solar panels is reduced. Furthermore, if there are grid outages, then the energy produced by your solar panel systems is significantly lowered. However, with solar batteries, you can make the most of the energy produced by your solar panels and store them efficiently.

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Solar battery storage works similar to any other rechargeable battery that is recharged by the power of solar energy. During inclement weather, when your solar panels are unable to produce power, your buildings power can draw on the energy that is stored in the solar power battery. This enables you to have constant use of solar energy, even in conditions where your solar panels are not producing or receiving any kind of significant energy output.

Benefits Of Using A Solar Battery In Melbourne

There are a multitude of benefits to using a solar battery system for your energy requirements. With a comprehensive solar panel battery, you can enjoy the following advantages:

1. Complete Utilisation

When you use a solar panel battery, then you are able to produce a significantly higher amount of power, and in some cases, you end up producing more power than you require. In these situations, you can actually sell the surplus solar power that you have back to the grid and receive a discounted electricity bill. On days with inclement weather, when your solar panels are not producing enough energy to meet your requirements, then your solar battery storage can come in handy where you can pull your power from these batteries instead of relying on the grid.

2. Energy Security

For individuals who have homes that are situated in areas where the grid is known for being occasionally unstable and unreliable, a solar panel battery can become a boon, where you can reliably fall back on the amount of energy it has saved for your individual requirements.

3. Reduced Electricity Bills

The strongest benefit of solar battery storage is its ability to significantly cut down your electricity costs. If you backup your home with a solar battery system, then you completely avoid any fees that are connected to electricity retailers. You effectively become self sufficient and with the help of a solar battery in Melbourne, you can save the electricity you generate.


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Bridge Energy Solution provided a very clean and professional service while installing the solar system at my place. Very friendly and open for discussions to get you the best possible solar system. Would highly recommend Crystal Solar Energy to my contacts.


David Parker

Professional and personalised service. Great advise on panels and other material to be installed. Always available for questions and queries i had. Good communication. Definitely recommend service to my friends and family moving forward. Thanks

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Happy with Bridge Energy Solution provided a very clean and professional service, Right time installing processes for solar system at my place clyde north (vic).sales person Very friendly and open for discussions to get you the best possible solar system with best price. i am using this system from last few month and system works as they mentioned, Would highly recommend Crystal Solar Energy to anyone.👍👍👍🙏

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