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Solar Panels Suppliers In Melbourne

At Bridge Energy Solution, we provide solar panels in Melbourne at highly affordable rates. As a solar panel company, we are committed to helping residential and commercial establishments make a switch to clean and renewable energy and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Being one of the top experts for solar panel installation in Melbourne has enabled us to reach out to a large number of individuals and show them the innumerable benefits of switching to this clean energy resource. We are focused on ushering in a new era of de-centralised energy through our solar panel installations in Melbourne.

We have understood that green energy is not just a robust alternative energy solution that we can rely on in the future, but it is also a necessity to ensure that our planet’s resources are not significantly used up in wasteful endeavours.


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Solar Panel Installation Service Melbourne

When it comes to solar panels, Melbourne has been seeing an increasing number of homes and commercial establishments that are switching to clean energy resources. As such, the requirement for a reliable and reputable solar panel company has never been higher. This is why if you need quality solar panel suppliers, then Bridge Energy Solution is your go-to service.

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Why Us?

Timely Service And Installation

Our solar panel installation in Melbourne is among the fastest and most convenient. We are focused on, on-time completion of solar system installations and always beat the deadlines for any project completions.


Despite having an innumerable number of benefits, solar panel installation in Melbourne is not a significantly expensive investment. Even though the initial cost is what some would consider a little high, the return on investment is so speedy and so strong that before the year is up, you will be able to get a complete return. As one of the top solar panel suppliers in Melbourne, we also provide you with multiple financing options, in order to ensure that installing a solar system is within almost everyone’s reach.

Skilled Contractors

At Bridge Energy Solution, we have been providing solar panels in Melbourne for many years. Our vast experience has enabled us to assemble a team of highly experienced installation experts

who are fully licenced for providing solar panel installation in Melbourne. Our superior workmanship ensures that your solar panel installation is an absolute breeze and you never have to be inconvenienced during our installation process.

Solar Batteries

Whilst solar energy is a replenishable and renewable energy resource, you can actually save even more on your solar energy costs by investing in a battery for solar storage. This allows you to store a significant amount of energy that your solar system has been creating for you and use it for occasions where you may not be generating a high amount of solar energy. Being a certified solar panel company, we are able to provide you with high quality solar storage batteries that can ensure your home’s energy security.



We Love Our Clients And They love Us


Bridge Energy Solution provided a very clean and professional service while installing the solar system at my place. Very friendly and open for discussions to get you the best possible solar system. Would highly recommend Crystal Solar Energy to my contacts.


David Parker

Professional and personalised service. Great advise on panels and other material to be installed. Always available for questions and queries i had. Good communication. Definitely recommend service to my friends and family moving forward. Thanks

David Parker

Jenny Brown

Happy with Bridge Energy Solution provided a very clean and professional service, Right time installing processes for solar system at my place clyde north (vic).sales person Very friendly and open for discussions to get you the best possible solar system with best price. i am using this system from last few month and system works as they mentioned, Would highly recommend Crystal Solar Energy to anyone.👍👍👍🙏

Jenny Brown


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